Indian army gets amazing robot, built in India

The center for Artificial Intelligence (CAIR) is currently working on how to develop Multi Agent Robotics Framework (MARF), which might as well be incredibly handy in situation like that of the Pathankot attacks, providing myriad of military applications.

CAIR, a DRDO lab leading India’s research in artificial intelligence, has been working incredibly hard from the last 8 months to develop and improve their system.

Once developed, MARF could be used to team up existing robots—’Wheeled Robot with Passive Suspension; Snake Robot; Legged Robot; Wall-Climbing Robot and Robot Sentry among others—or see a complete new set of robots built specifically.


“The aim is to equip our armed forces with systems that are self-reliant, adaptable and fault-tolerant,” said an army source.

“Intelligence and mobility are critical enablers for unmanned systems targeted for military operations. And, structures vary throughout the Indian landscape. Extensive research in locomotion technologies has been underway to cater to specific needs of these terrain types—mountainous, desert, rural, urban, outdoor and indoor, each present a unique locomotion challenge to a robotic platform,” the source added.

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