Meet this man who alone has planted more than 5 thousand trees in Hyderabad

How long will we humans attain technological development at the cost of our environment? How long will we people be waiting for someone else to do our duty to the nature? Is sustainable development merely a theory for us, will we ever implicate them? Many such questions worry all the environmental experts, who realize we are on the brink on something very bad, given the current scenario never changes.

But Ramachandra Appari, a 38-year-old man from Hyderabad, wasted no time waiting for others to start and then to follow. Instead, he began something which currently is standing as an inspiration for everyone. Mr Appari runs a company named “Green Morning Horticulture Services Private Limited” and he believes its better to relocate plants than letting them fall.

Picture Source: The Better India

Mr Appari has done masters in Agriculture, but for job security reasons had to work in a bank. Later when Mr Appari realized that it makes no sense to love something and do something else and this thought led to the inception of Green Morning Horticulture Services Private Limited.

When he noticed that many trees were being cut down to widen the highway roads between Hyderabad and Vijayawada in 2009, he started contemplating about the alternatives which would not only save the trees, but also would ensure the roads are widened.


One of his friends later suggested him about the widespread option used in Australia. He then tendered for the Hyderabad Metro Rail project and the government accepted his proposal, by virtue of which he was able to save over 800 trees via relocating them. Now, their work has expanded in cities like Bengaluru, Vizag, and New Delhi and it has been implemented successfully in all these cities.

This translocation techniques were previously used in Egypt, back in 2000 BC. With people becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable development, this system has garnered great attention in recent years.

Talking about his work, Mr Appari says, “In India, apart from Hyderabad, tree translocation is being done in certain parts of Gujarat and in Bangalore too. Trees like gulmohar, neem, jamun, mango, pepul, and other ficus species can be easily translocated,”

“To date, our company has translocated some 5,000 trees and we can easily say that we have achieved a success rate of 80 percent. The process is slow and takes time and what makes it expensive is basically the need to hire earth movers, cranes, and trailers.”

The process involves digging the ground up to 4 feet and then treating the roots inside the pit with the chemicals used in this transportation technique. Though its one of the most toughest and tiresome of practices, Mr Appari has successfully materialized his thoughts and is definitely one of the unsung heroes of our country.

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