He was thrown out of home, now he is the owner of Rs. 4,000 cr

If there is anything that can comeover destiny and luck is hard work. As they say there is no substitute to hard work. In easy words, if you are serious and dedicated towards your goal, you are bound to come off with flying colours. The universal truth is that hard work is something which always pays off. Those who know this concept are today successful. In this article, we are covering the story of Ritsh Agrawal who is in the limelight for the glittering success he attained in a small span of time.

We ought to start his story by covering how he faced challenges emerged in his childhood. He hails from rather a middle class family in Odisha. He left home with his dreams and lived in a rented room in his early days. Because he couldn’t pay the rent, he was thrown out of the home by the landlord and he had to spend the night on stairs. Mean while he also started selling SIM cards for a livelihood.


This must have played an instrumental role in the elevation of his creative thinking. He decided to build his career in property dealing business. After a well-thought of research, he founded OYO Rooms which brought him enormous fames and fortunes. Today he is just 23-year-old and his firm is worth over Rs. 4,000 crore.


We encourage you to share his story maximum to bring a positive attitude among youths who lose their hopes in their twenties.