This American lady is building homes, schools, roads in India

This lady deserves to say “I can change the world“. As she sacrificed everything for the betterment of the poor of India. She is doing what the local government is constitutionally bound to do. Nevertheless, they never care their pious duty.

35 year old Marta Vanduzer grew up in America. She was living in the city of New York. She ws raised in an environment of material luxury, which lacked the inner peace and happiness. Unsurprisingly, she never liked the glittering atmosphere of the city. Something must have been working deep inside her that she left her birth place and moved to India in 2012.
She arrived in India to visit but she ended up doing governmental works here. She started a project of building toilets at homes and schools of Raebareli and Amethi with her own money. She also Constructed a road for the people living in the cities and extended her helping hand in many other areas such as education, health care etc.
So far she has no plan to go back to her home country. As per reports, she wants to live here forever.


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