India’s youngest motivational speaker has touched 45 thousand youths

Self- Belief, Thoughts , Positivity and Passion is what makes you a true individual says Arunabha Bhattacharjee , One of India’s Youngest Motivational Writers ,Tedx Speaker and an International Life Coach .

“life is a journey not a destination” is  always Arunabha ‘ s way of seeing things . Born and brought up in silchar,Assam today he is considered to be one of the iconic and charismatic speakers who is in a mission to create impact globally by helping people realise the magical power every human being has. According to him every human being has limitless power to achieve anything and everything in life only thing which is required is passion and belief that he or she can do it . The difference between a successful and not so successful individuals is their way of seeing things and believing in those .

Arunabha’s mission has already touched over 45000+ college graduates across the nation where he discuss about the most  beautiful thing one can ever have which is  one’s life .
Bhattacharjee who is just 27 travels to explain about positivity and creating leaders who can in turn create more leaders not followers  in the making .
It doesn’t matter which college or school you are from  to get your dream job or dream Career, what matters is your dedication and commitment level to achieve things in life.
We all have negative thoughts in our lives , one shift from negative to positive thoughts can change the entire way we live our life. It is one life why not live in large like never before. Spread happiness, Spread Love, Spread Passion and the world is waiting with red carpet to shower everything to everyone . belief is the Mantra .

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Through the Prestigious Platform of The Youth to you  in an exclusive interaction Arunabha mentioned ” We are all energy emitter, no matter whatever happens to you, you can still bounce back, have that faith always in you because you know what you are alive and that’s what actually matters the most”.
Arunabha is an International Award Winning Author for his Motivational book “, Power Is You: Step Towards Excellence” and a Recipient of Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Award By International Human Rights Council for his exceptional service in the field of human rights and community building.

Arunabha ‘s vision is to have School of Thoughts for youths across the world where youngisthan can come, get inspire and then be the Inspiration agent to the world .
Arunabha also mentioned that Team like Youth. To you are truly required in the world as they carried stories to inspire, ignite, and lead .
You can see Arunabha s Tedx Video here which explains about Frequency of Thoughts.