What Youths need to do today- tells Dr Satish

I salute ‘The Youth’ of today, as I am proud of them. They are the ones who shall be shouldering the responsibility of our nation ‘INDIA’. Not only shoulder but are going to usher the new era of growth, development and prosperity. Along with this I am sure they shall work towards world peace and brotherhood.

If there is no peace of mind & a strong feeling of brotherhood the world shall collapse. The communities and cultures shall be wiped out. It is therefore the youth of today has more responsibility on them. More than what previous generations had.


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On the other hand they have entire world, universe on their study or working tables, on their computers. To me, this is one of the major benefits of technology. Youth is now aware of what is happening around them, they are concerned about the dire situations, they think, discuss on such issues and more important is that they want to work on it, which is an extremely good sign. They want to bring in the change for betterment.

Anna Hazare’s movement changed the political & social situation. Youth came out on roads not with stones in hand but with a desire to bring in change. Being core committee member of Pune unite I have seen & experienced it. The movement ignited the fire in them which otherwise was dormant. The news webpage ‘The Youth’ is one of the examples.

What ‘INDIA’ really needs is actual involvement of sensitive youth in eradicating social problems, which are numerous. Major ones are poverty, illiteracy, social discrimination based on caste & religion, faulty education system, apathy of local, state & central governments.

To achieve this we must have a program which shall have local, state & national issues on agenda. On local level youth groups must be formed to work on local issues. This should be a movement of youth. It is possible if you all are ignited.

Dr. Satish Rajmachikar, Pune. Dt. 5nd February’ 2017.

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Dr. Satish Rajmachikar
71 year old Dr. Satish Rajmachikar from Pune (Maharashtra) is a well versed scholar. He has proved his potential in several fields throughout his life. Apart from writing columns in several news papers, he has also directed famous TV serials such as ‘Kuch Khoya Kuch Paya’, Abhimaan, Kinara’ etc. Now he is here among us at TheYouth, on our request, to guide youths of the 21st century.