Muslim school principal forces Hindu kids to say “Salam Wale kum”

Cases related to religion often come to light, one such case has come to light recently. The principal of a Muslim school forcefully encourages the students to say ‘Salaam Valekum’. When the family members of the students came to know about this, they went to the school principal and the dispute started there. A video clip of this is also going viral on social media.

The video has been shared by an Instagram page named Sanatan. In the video, two school kids and their families are present in the principal’s office and the family is infuriated. The family members are seen arguing with the principal that you forced the children to say ‘Salaam Valekum’. The principal refused to accept this, and both students said she called us five times and asked us to say ‘Salaam Valaikum’.

Maintaining harmony among different communities by supporting and compromising between religion and culture is extremely important. A school is a place where kids from every community get an education. Such controversies often happen in the country and abroad regarding religion, but now such a situation has come that people are discriminating based on religion even in places like schools. This is a very worrying matter and action needs to be taken to ensure that such cases do not happen again.

The viral video has received more than 1 lakh views and around 10 thousand likes. After watching the viral video, users have expressed their views and shared many reactions.

One user writes, ‘Again these people play the victim card and say that our democracy is in danger.’

Another user writes, ‘If you take care of every small detail of your children, then why did you ignore such a big thing, you should have investigated it before sending them to school.’

Another user writes, ‘Do not send your children to such a school where there is only one Muslim teacher or teacher, send them to such a school where everyone is their own and there is not even a single stranger.’

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