“They fired bullet in my face and it scattered my jaw, my kids got scared when they saw me in hospital” says a government teacher

A shocking case has come to light from Indore in which a government teacher was shot during a robbery due to which his jaw was completely injured. The teeth and molars were completely blown away. The condition in which he was taken to the hospital was very critical, he was not able to eat or drink anything and he was on a diet of only milk and juice for 3 months. Even after 6 months, the police have not been able to trace the accused.

The victim has been identified as Sanjay Rathore who is a resident of Alirajpur. This robbery incident occurred on 13 October 2023 when Sanjay Manawar was returning home from his in-laws. Seeing the deserted road, the miscreants surrounded him robbed him, and also opened fire while leaving. Three miscreants were involved in this incident, they fled away after committing the crime, and the police have not been able to arrest them even after 6 months.

Sanjay Rathore’s condition was very serious because the bullet hit him directly in his mouth due to which his jaw was completely damaged and it was hanging. After a long effort, the doctors have made a new jaw frame on the face from the leg’s bone. Now he is better than before and has also started going to school, dentures are yet to be fitted. About Rs 19 lakh has been spent on the treatment. When Sanjay’s family members used to come to meet him in the hospital, he refused to come because his mental condition was very serious and his whole face was disfigured.

According to online sources, after returning home, Sanjay used to take the diet through a tube for 15 days, then gradually started the diet with a spoon. After 3 months, he was given food grains for the first time. In which there was thin porridge and biscuit powder.

Why was the jaw made from the leg bone only?

According to the doctor, there are two types of bones in the leg, one is tibia and the other is fibula. The rightmost bone of the left leg is the tibia, which bears the weight of the body. The fibula is only used to support the tibia, but the tibia has enough capacity that it does not matter whether the fibula is present or not.

How was the fibula bone fitted into the jaw frame?

A 40 cm portion of the fibula bone was removed from the side. It was cut with a machine and given the shape of a jaw. A mold was made to fit the teeth and space was left. The bone and the fine veins of the face were connected using a microscope so that the bone does not rot and gets connected to the body with the help of blood circulation. Combined with titanium and steel plate to connect the internal parts

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