Meet India’s Dinesh Mehta – The Only creative Kite Photographer in the world by a distance

Creativity is the potential to bring something new into existence and Dinesh Mehta has got more of it in his kitty. Hailing from Gujarat, Dinesh is fond of photography alike many others. Capturing a candid photo doesn’t necessarily require a picturesque location but an impeccable idea that transforms the thinking into a scenic beauty.

Dinesh Mehta is an alumunus of the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad. Known for the knack of clicking great pictures, he has an incredible collection of cameras to his name comprising six digital cameras including a Go Pro, Ricoh, Nikon and a waterproof Pentax.

Dinesh Mehta shows the Ricon camera that he will impregnate on a device called cradle that will make sure the camera is balanced. (Credits: Mid-Day via Picture by Sameer Markande)

The phrase, ‘you don’t need eyes to see, you need vision’ was framed by the Kite photographer Dinesh Mehta himself. This indeed sums up the essential Dinesh for you!. He has carved out an unique identity for himself as the best photographer. He has made a real case for himself in capturing some stunning photos through ‘kite photography’ which cannot be described it in words.

Kite Photography by Dinesh Mehta:

What is it like to be a kite photographer? How far it has reached out? Dinesh Mehta gave a complete insight on the subject. Dinesh Mehta who designed a kite all by himself showed the world a different perspective. His recent clicks serve as a testimony to the fact. With the meteoric rise in technology, there have been wide range of photo collections but Dinesh Mehta’s out of the box thinking proves why he is a creative photographer by a distance.

“There’s no way we can practise kite aerial photography if there isn’t enough wind, and of course, if it’s raining. The cameras vary in megapixels, weight and censor sizes. I have to keep upgrading the camera to ensure clarity of pictures,” Mehta told in an interview with Mid-Day.

“Since the camera will be up in the air, we won’t be able to manually click pictures, hence we’ll use the interval mode to get a click every five seconds or so. Kites are the old-fashioned, rule-abiding and decidedly uncontroversial cousins of drones,” Mehta explains.

“For me, it emerged more out of necessity because my work involves photographing for urban planners, forest department, architects and developers, and it’s not easy to take aerial shots, especially if you don’t have your own helicopter or even a remote-controlled chopper. That’s where kite photography comes in,” says Mehta, who has been using this technique for the last 15 years,” Mehta continued.

“Firstly, the weather needs to be good. Then, you need knowledge of flying a kite. But, a common problem encountered prior to pulling the kite out of the bag is gaining permissions to shoot,” he says.

Here are some of the pictures clicked by Dinesh Mehta:



Fatehpur Sikri shot by Mehta (Credits: Mid-Day)

There is nobody in the world who shows hatred towards photography as people just love clicking cool pictures or being involved in the complete frame so much so that it becomes a part of a sweet memory for them to relish, remember and rejoice the moment when they just look into the picture.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.