High-school dropout builds components for jet fighters and missiles

The famous proverb- ‘A single sheet of paper can’t decide your future’ is the right one that fits for Rakesh Chopdar’s life. There have been several instances where people touched the pinnacle of success even after dropping out of school and Rakesh Chopdar is an example. He was ridiculed, criticised for scoring just single-digit marks in all examinations.

He was someone who didn’t mug up the concepts in his school days and in fact, he could never understand the subjects being taught at school. Even during the examinations, he doesn’t remember anything. Judging him based on marks he scored in the exams, people called him ‘useless’ and even said that he would not become successful.

Rakesh Chopdar. Credits: TOI

However, Rakesh Chopdar recreated a new future for himself and shut the critics wrong by becoming successful in life. Today, he has established a firm that manufactures components for jet fighters and missiles. A high-school dropout set a classic example that one’s future is not determined by the marks or grades.

He has set up a firm that manufactures incisive blades for turbines and aerospace parts. He is busy working in his father’s workshop, which also manufactures nuts and bolts. He was someone who always believed in practical education. He even added that despite putting loads of efforts, he could never grasp the subjects or remembers anything during exams like others.

“Textbooks and theory never excited me during school days,” Chopdar was quoted as saying by TNN.

He also echoed that although education is important, a degree doesn’t decide one’s future. “A degree alone cannot make us a successful person. One needs vision, passion, courage and hard work.”

Rakesh Chopdar, founder and managing director of Azad Engineering added that after he dropped out of school, he felt that his life was clueless. “My life became miserable as everyone in the family and relatives started inquiring about my career and future,” he added.

He started a new journey in his father’s factory which manufactures fasteners (nuts & bolts).

“Initially, I did not like sitting in the office and looking at files but when I started going to the workshop, I was introduced to the world of mechanical engineering and was fascinated with it. Initially, I just watched them working on manufacturing products?’ added Chopdar and said that he learned about manufacturing different products and basics of engineering in a phased manner. Our firm makes parts for aerospace & power generation OEMs,” he added.

Rakesh Chopdar added that his products are sanctioned by companies like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Skoda, Rolls Royce. He said that his firm has built blades for Sukhoi jet fighter planes and precision components for BrahMos missiles.