Afghanistan: Taliban wave Islamic flag on Parliament which was built by India

The Indian Government has supported Afghanistan a lot. India has helped improve Afghan people’s lives by launching schemes and projects in various sectors. An example of this is the Parliament House, Indira Gandhi Hospital, and other infrastructure built by India. There are many such videos on social media by many YouTubers giving information about them.

India once built the Parliament building in Afghanistan. The National Assembly is located next to the famous Darul Aman Palace in Darulman, a southwestern section of Kabul where many important national institutions are found.

The current building for the assembly was constructed by India as its contribution to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. There is a very big flag in front of the Parliament of Afghanistan on which the Taliban flag is hoisted these days. This pole is very expensive, it cost several millions.

India and Afghanistan share common cultural and historical roots. These two countries have been associated with each other for centuries in the fields of trade, cultural exchange, and friendship. In this context, India has played an active role in providing assistance to Afghanistan through various schemes.

There is also an Indira Gandhi Hospital in Afghanistan which India had helped in building. This shows how much the Indian government has supported Afghanistan. It was established in the 70s. It was inaugurated by King Zaheer Shah in 1972. The hospital was renamed Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health in 1985. Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health IGICH – a 400-bed hospital (41 beds were recently added with the operationalization of the new Diagnostic Centre) is the main hospital in Afghanistan that caters to the well-being of children across Afghanistan.

Users have shared many types of reactions to the viral video. One user writes, “I visited Afghanistan last month and literally Afghanistan gave the best hospitality after knowing that I’m from India.”

Another user writes, “I spent 7 years in Afghanistan. They are awesome people and they have too much respect for Indian people’s culture and movies. they are true friends.”

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