Business worth 12 crores at the age of 19, know the unique story of Shreyaan Daga

Fifteen is the age to play for every person. This is the time when children live between their studies and fun. But Shreyaan is a person who founded a company at the age of 15. Not only this, Shreyaan started earning at the age of 9, and he sold his paintings for Rs 9 thousand at that time. At this time, he was in the 4th grade. Apart from this, at the age of 13, he started investing money in the stock market and made his money 20 times more. After this, he started giving loans to the children in his school, due to which he was suspended from the school. Whereas Shreyaan did not complete his studies and went to work further.

Business worth 12 crores at the age of 19, know the unique story of Shreyaan Daga
Business worth 12 crores at the age of 19, know the unique story of Shreyaan Daga

He left home at the age of 15.

Shreyaan believed in Buddha a lot, due to which he left home at the age of 15 in search of salvation. At this time, he left with all his things and started giving them to the children on the way. After this, Shreyaan decided that he had to fulfill the dream of about 100 crore children and give them all happiness. Then Shreyaan’s family members found him with the help of the police, and Shreyaan had to return to his home. After this, he had to listen a lot. But his family members felt that he could do anything, so Shreyaan got the freedom to start his own business.

Start of OLL

In April 2020, when Shreyaan was 15 years old, he started OLL, i.e., online live learning. This is the same business that received funding from Piyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh in Shark Tank Season 2. The aim of this company is to teach real-life skills to children studying in school. Through OLL, students can learn about entrepreneurship development, finance, and AI technology practically.

For this, Shreyaan created an online website, made a poster, and marketed it on WhatsApp. In this way, he offered the entire course for free. After this, he achieved very good results, and within a month, 10 thousand children joined the course for free and learned the skills. However, it couldn’t be sustained for free, so they discontinued it. But after this, not a single student enrolled in the course. Now Shreyaan visited all the schools and discussed implementing the course there. This initiative was taken forward by partnering with many schools. Its results were very good. Within a year, Shreyaan generated a revenue of Rs 1.34 crore and earned a profit of Rs 28 lakh. In the third year, Shreyaan generated a revenue of Rs 2.2 crore.

Youngest Founder on Shark Tank India

Shreyaan Daga appeared in Season 2 of Shark Tank India. This brought him a lot of recognition, and as a result, his business expanded to 35 different cities. Not only that, Shreyaan also became the youngest founder featured on Shark Tank India and secured funding from Piyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh. Currently, the student count at OLLs has rapidly increased to 20 thousand per day. Shreyaan has also launched his own TV show for children, with 1.2 lakh children applying for it. Additionally, the OLL team has provided funding to three children for their startup ideas. Currently, OLL’s revenue stands at Rs 12 crore per year, with a team of 135 people. Shreyaan believes that all children attending school should earn money from their own skills to pay their fees and pursue their dreams. He emphasizes the importance of earning money from one’s own skills to achieve success. To hear the entire story from Shreyaan Daga, visit the Josh Talks YouTube channel.

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