Shabana Khan traps my Husband in love, converts him to Islam: says wife

In a recent and alarming incident in Bareilly, a noteworthy case has surfaced, drawing significant public interest after a video went viral on social media. The video features Akash Maurya, a 24-year-old resident of Bareilly, asserting his voluntary embrace of Islam. Nevertheless, Akash’s wife, Lakshmi, contests this statement, contending that her husband underwent forced conversion to Islam.

In the viral video, Akash Maurya is wearing an Islamic cap.  In the background ‘Mera Dil To Mohammad’ song is playing. Also, ‘Today I have become a Muslim.’ is written in the caption. After watching the video, Akash Maurya’s family members lodged a complaint with Subhash Nagar police. In this case, a Muslim woman named Shabana Khan has been accused of luring Akash Maurya into a love trap.

According to the FIR report, ‘Aakash Maurya has not returned home since December 21, 2023. And while leaving the house, he took away gold and silver coins and Rs 23,000 in cash. In a courier company, Akash Maurya worked as a delivery boy. The name of Muslim woman Shabana is involved in this case. The woman is accused of forcibly converting Akash into a Muslim.

Shabana Khan allegedly informed Lakshmi via video call that Akash Maurya had become an Islamic convert. Shabana allegedly threatened Akash and declared her desire to hurt him, according to Lakshmi. Akash’s mother Sapna argues that her son was forced to convert to Islam and cites an instance in which Akash was heard sobbing when Shabana contacted Lakshmi. The family has officially complained to the authorities.

Superintendent of Police Rahul Bhati states that Akash Maurya arrived at Subhash Nagar Police Station. During his statement, Maurya refuted the accusations of religious conversion. Addressing the issue on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, Akash Maurya’s father confirmed his son’s return home. When questioned about the assertions concerning religious conversion, he acknowledged the veracity of the allegations.

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