When Sonu Sood gifted 50 cycles to poor people in Punjab

Sonu Sood has been people’s hero for eight months now. The Indian actor is known for his humanitarian efforts for extending his help to thousands of migrant workers to reach their native places during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The actor is well aware of the struggles of a common man and his recent act of kindness made him the most loved actor these days.

Several people are frequently reaching out to him on Twitter and are seeking his help and support on various matters. Everyday Sonu Sood’s Twitter timeline gets flooded with several genuine requests for help. The actor has been doing his absolute best to reply to as many people as possible.

Recently, the most-admired actor, Sonu Sood expressed his interest to help the students from the backward sections of the society dream to become IAS officers. Yes, Sonu Sood wants to help the underprivileged students by offering them scholarships. The actor will help them with the right study material and resources but also assist them financially.

Sood took to his Instagram handle to announce his latest initiative of offering scholarships to those students who want to become IAS officers. He dedicated this gesture to his beloved mother on October 13 who died 13 years ago.

“‘HELP’ mails that I receive everyday. I wish I could reach out to everyone, which looks impossible. Will wait for the day when these letters will reduce in numbers and we will have more prosperity everywhere,” Sonu Sood wrote earlier.

When Sonu Sood gifted 50 cycles to poor people in Punjab
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Sonu Sood gifts 50 cycles

Four years ago, the Bollywood actor gifted 50 cycles to his gym members on his trip to his hometown Moga, Punjab. The actor who has been cycling for many years now firmly believes that cycling is one of the best forms of exercise.

Just like how Bhai of Bollywood Salman Khan had distributed cycles to street kids a few years ago, Sonu Sood also distributed 50 cycles to his gym members who can’t afford cycles, so that they can come to the gym on a regular basis from distant villages.

“I have been cycling for many years now, as I believe it’s one of the best forms of exercise. Most of the gym members who stay far had to depend on public transport while some used to drive their motorcycles. But I believe cycling all the way to the gym will help them keep fit. My aim is to see eco-friendly and healthy Punjab.

Moga is connected to 80 villages and most villagers walk miles to go to their places of work or come to my gym. People I have given the cycles to are poor and come from far-off villages. They usually travel by bus or get a lift on a bike to come to the gym,” Sonu said.

Recently, Sonu Sood gifted bicycles to girls in Mirzapur village in Uttar Pradesh.