Viral video: Tyre falls off of a moving car, lands at Repair shop

Recently a video has gone viral on social media which is both funny and surprising. In the viral video, a moving vehicle’s tyre falls off and the timing of the tire is so tremendous that it falls right in front of a car repair shop. Everyone was shocked to see this video because the tier appeared at the right place at the right time.

In the viral video, a small red car is seen moving on the road. And suddenly its tyre comes out and falls. Two more tyre are also seen placed on the roof of the vehicle. The tyre falls right outside the car repair shop. It seems as if tyre also has the experience at the right time and the right place because his timing is tremendous.

In the later part of the video, three men notice the unfolding scene from the car repair shop and promptly make their way towards the vehicle to inspect the driver. Astonishingly, the car’s tyre autonomously directs itself outside the shop, almost as if it possesses an inherent sense of its destination. This video has been shared on Instagram by a page named Mandyhaidan Trolls. The viral video has received more than 8 million views. And more than 5 lakh likes. All the viewers shared many reactions after watching the video.

One user writes, “God wishes like tyre shop needs some business today.”

Another user writes, “Driver be like. Brother, I want to install a new tyre, I opened it and you installed it.”

Another user writes, “The bad luck and good luck at the same time.”

Another user writes, “Even bro’s know everything, That’s why he takes extra two tyres on the top.”

Another user writes, “When bad luck hits you and good luck hits the garage owner at the same time … by the way it is not his first time ..look at the top of the vehicle.”

Most of the users made funny comments. Although this scene in the video was funny as well as shocking, could such a coincidence really happen or was this video already pre-planned? Although the moving vehicle going off the tyre could have been a major accident in which there was danger for the driver. However, both the driver and the vehicle emerged unharmed, suggesting that perhaps the lower speed of the vehicle played a crucial role.

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