Woman sells her baby to buy iPhone14 max, she wanted to do Instagram reels

Nowadays, the craze of social media has increased so much among people that they are ready to do anything for it. Recently, such an incident has come to light, and after hearing you cannot imagine that someone can stoop to this level. A couple in West Bengal sold their own child to buy an iPhone14. Because he had to make reels on Instagram but did not have money to buy an iPhone. This heart-wrenching incident highlights a disturbing trend of child exploitation.

According to a Times of India report, This heart-wrenching incident happened in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. West Bengal Police managed to nab the mother, identified as ‘Sathi’, who was responsible for purchasing?? Or selling?? Child. However, the father Jaydev Ghosh, is still absconding, and authorities are actively searching for him.

The incident came to light when concerned neighbors noticed some strange changes in the behavior of the Ghosh family. The eight-month-old child was missing for several days, yet the parents showed no signs of worry or panic. Additionally, their sudden purchase of an iPhone 14, which cost not less than a lakh, raised suspicion among the neighbors, given that the family was known to have had financial difficulties in the past.

Upon speaking to the mother, she eventually confessed under pressure that she and her husband had actually sold their baby to raise money to buy an iPhone, which they posted on Instagram showcasing their travels to different parts of Bengal. Was able to make a reel.

What is even more shocking is that before trying to sell his child, the father had also tried to sell his seven-year-old daughter. The police have registered a case against the couple and a criminal case of human trafficking has also been registered against the mother who bought the child. Unfortunately, this incident is not the first of its kind. In India, there are many instances where parents have resorted to selling their children for material gain.

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