When an ordinary girl told PM Modi to smile, Modi replied to her…

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been quite active on the social media platform these days. He was seen replying to congratulatory messages, festival wishes and even some witty replies to the users on the micro-blogging Twitter platform.

One of the users told the Prime Minister to smile more often. The tweet holds a strong message and even the PM Modi himself who saw it promptly replied to that tweet saying, ‘Point taken :)’. It is learnt that the user’s tweet came right after a video of PM Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha during a healthy discussion on the confidence motion. The BJP-led NDA government trounced the motion with the support of 325 members.

Earlier, PM Modi took to his official Twitter handle to say, “The NDA has the support of more than 2/3rd members of the Lok Sabha. Yesterday the nation saw yet again how the Congress is only interested in creating instability. Congress leaders did the same in 1999 and before that too!”

User’s remarks:

“Only one thing Modiji, u should smile more often!!? Baaki sab mast hai☺”

In reply to that tweet, PM Modi said, “Point taken. :)”

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.