Hatemonger and controversial actor Ajaz Khan shares painful experiences in Jail

controversial figure and actor Ajaz Khan, who recently spent 26 months incarcerated, shared a harrowing account of his time in prison. During a press conference following his release, Khan recounted his challenging experiences, stating, “I endured moments where I had to consume meals infested with rodents and insects, and witnessed overflowing toilets. These conditions taught me to find contentment in simplicity.”

Ajaz Khan was arrested in drug case, served 26 months in jail. Held press meeting post-release, shared harrowing experience. “Residing amidst gang members and inmates taught me profound life lessons,” he said. I gained a newfound appreciation for the simplest things, even realizing the value of an onion. At home, we playfully referred to overcooked chapati as “roti jal gayi,” but in that place, we were served parched chapati and rice as hard as stones. Occasionally, a rat would make its appearance from the dal, and some inmates would humorously gesture with their hands, indicating that the rat had emerged from the dal. We used to call it non-vegetarian dal. And many stones also used to come out in Dal, we used to call it “Patthar ke sanam”.

This prison is the most crowded prison in the world. People are encouraged to sleep on top of each other. More than 3000 prisoners are crammed in the Lockups there with a capacity of 800 prisoners. Only three toilets were available for 400 prisoners and those were always full. Throughout the jail, I helped my fraternity friends with food and basic necessities. Whether it’s Aryan, Armaan Kohli, or Raj Kundra.

Ajaz Khan elaborates, “The initial couple of years in prison were extremely challenging for me. When I was released, I struggled to adapt to enjoying proper meals again. I had grown accustomed to consuming plain chapati and using basic restroom facilities. Even simple things like taking a shower felt strange. The prison environment with its constant lights and overcrowding was something I had become accustomed to. It took me a considerable amount of time to readjust to life outside of the prison.”

Ajaz Khan has openly used derogatory words for RSS and Hindus in many of his videos. As can be seen in this video as well.

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