Husband tortures and beats wife for a year, and gives injection to change her gender

Bihar: A video is being circulated on social media in which a husband injects his wife with drugs. The 30-year-old woman looks like a 70-year-old lady. Some injections caused the growth of facial hair like a man on a woman’s face. The in-laws harassed this girl a lot.

This case took place in Raghunathpur of Buxar. This girl was married about 4 years back. But after marriage, she stayed in her maternal home for 3 years because her in-laws used to harass her a lot.  A year ago, the girl went back to her in-law’s house. However, the in-laws’, husband of this girl made her condition worse, she was not given food, and she was locked in a room after beating.

According to the video, the victim’s husband used to inject her daily, causing her to grow facial hair, and her mental health also deteriorated. She can’t recognize anyone, nor can she understand or speak. Her eyesight has also been affected.

The victim’s family has filed a complaint with the police, trying to get justice for their daughter, but they are not receiving any help from anywhere. The husband is quite wealthy and has bribed the police, so they are not taking any action. The victim’s brother revealed that her brother-in-law has threatened to kill her, and he is somehow convincing the family to withdraw the case.

The neighbors near the victim’s parents’ house have expressed highly of her, stating that she was a very nice girl, but her in-laws mistreated her severely. All the family members are angry at this situation, and they are challenging the accused husband to come to the village and face the consequences if he has the courage.

A video recently surfaced on the Facebook page of reporter Nibha RN News, capturing the attention of a staggering 35 million viewers to date. The situation described is deeply distressing and raises serious concerns about the well-being and safety of the victim.

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