I went to Market, and my Husband raped our small daughter for one hour

A heinous incident has come to light in Loni, Ghaziabad district, where a father has committed a dreadful act of raping his own young daughter. The accused’s wife, Gulchaman, has provided testimony against him, and the video of her statement is widely circulating on social media. This is an extremely appalling crime. The name of the accused is Mohammad Jahid.

According to the video, the convict’s wife explains that she was at the market when her husband committed the crime. Upon arriving back home from the market, she witnesses her husband dressing their daughter. Annoyed by the child’s crying, she suggests, “Give her to me, she’s crying, and I’ll dress her.” However, he sternly refuses and leaves the house with their daughter.

Upon his return after approximately 1 to 2 hours, Gulchaman notices that her daughter’s pant is stained with blood. Distressed and alarmed, she confides in her relatives and takes them to consult the family doctor. The doctor’s examination reveals evidence of sexual assault on the girl. Shocked and devastated, Gulchaman’s relatives are hesitant to involve the police, and as a result, she refrains from filing a complaint against her accused husband.

But after a few days, Gulchaman demands justice for her daughter. Earlier she remained silent because of the fear of her family members, she did not take any action against her husband but now she wants to get justice for her innocent daughter. The unfortunate situation leaves her in a state of despair and uncertainty, struggling to seek justice for her daughter.

This video has been shared about 6 days ago from an Instagram account named Rajvishwakarma. After watching this video different reactions of viewers were seen. Islamic people themselves were against this video after watching it. And many people are also differentiating it from other religions.

A Muslim user comments, “I am Muslim but this man did such a shameful act with his daughter, I am against this man.”

Another user comments, “The beauty of Islam… PROUD TO BE SANATANI.”

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