This scientist explains how Gays and Transgenders are born, who’s responsible mother or father?

In this article, we explore the significance of diversity in human society and how modern science suggests that various aspects of our identity are inherent. We’ll delve into a scientist’s explanation, presented in a video, on the birth of gays and transgenders and whether it’s primarily influenced by the mother or the father. Additionally, we’ll understand the reasons behind the increasing visibility of these identities.

At first, she conveys, the process of how a child’s sex is determined is explained through the combination of sex chromosomes in reproductive cells. Eggs have (X) sex chromosomes, while sperm carry either (X) or (Y) sex chromosomes. When an X-carrying sperm fertilizes an egg, the zygote becomes female (XX). If a Y-carrying sperm fertilizes the egg, the zygote becomes male (XY).

Intersex conditions can occur due to chromosome abnormalities. For example, an extra X chromosome (XXY) or the loss of an X chromosome (OX) can lead to intersex traits. In such cases, the child may have mixed external genitalia, which does not clearly align with either male or female characteristics. Additionally, internal sex organs may not correspond to external appearance, causing variations in sexual development.

The most common reason for intersex is that when the child is in the mother’s womb, the sex is not decided for the first 7 weeks whether it is male or female. But as hormones are made and chromosomes work, they make testosterone or make Estrogen. Estrogen for the female and testosterone for the male, from this only the organs of the child are formed, either the male organ will become or the fur will become the female organ. And internal organs are formed like Uterus and Ovary are formed in females and testes are formed in males.

If during this time any chemical reacts in the mother’s body, which disturbs this process, which is called Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), due to these changes come in Uterus and Ovaries, This may result in intersex conditions, where the child’s reproductive organs may not develop typically, leading to various issues. So, to avoid such conditions, it is very important that when a lady is pregnant, she should stay away from such chemicals due to which this intersex child is born.

Now one of the biggest confusions is that intersex children are considered lesbians and gays. But it is not so, because the intersex that is born is due to chemicals and chromosomes. But in those whom we call transgenders, those external organs will be normal males or females, but it depends on their thinking capacity a girl thinks she has the qualities of a boy and a boy thinks he has the qualities of a girl. So, they called them transgender, and they also get their surgeries done many times. And if a girl has love feelings for a girl, then she is called a lesbian. And if a boy has love feelings for another boy, then he is called gay. And if they have the same feelings with both boys and girls, then they are called bisexuals.

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