Muslim youth threatening Hindus living in India, and all Islamic countries

There is so much hatred among Muslim people towards Hindus. For example, a video would be enough to prove this to be true. A video is going viral on social media in which a Muslim youth is using derogatory words against the Hindu community and threatening to kill them. To such an extent that he is abusing Hindus, his inner hatred towards Hindus is clearly visible.

This video was shared by Shalini Kumawat on X (Formerly Twitter). She writes in the caption, “I am not able to find information about where this video is from, this Jihadi is openly talking about killing and exterminating Hindus, if anyone gets information about this, then let us know, this should be spread as much as possible.” Make it viral.”

The viral video has been made using the TikTok app in which the name of the young man is “moshahidvkbhai”. This video has been published on TikTok with this username. The face of the Muslim youth is also clearly visible in the video.

According to the viral video, “The Muslim youth is using abusive words towards Hindus and is threatening to kill Hindus.” Many Hindus are there in any Muslim country, whether in Bangladesh, Pakistan, or any other Muslim country. I will kill him.” He further says, “You don’t know in our Islam we can die as well as kill. And we have no fear of dying. ,

According to the comments of the viral video, this video is said to be from Nepal and it has also been told that this criminal Muslim youth has been given severe punishment for this. More than 30 thousand people have watched the viral video so far and everyone showed different reactions.

One user writes, “This young man should be immediately identified by the police administration and other intelligence investigating agencies and very strict action should be taken against him.”

Another user writes, “If you read the history of Jihadis over the years, they have always backstabbed. These scoundrels had also befriended Shri Kamlesh Tiwari ji and then backstabbed him.”

Another user writes, “Boycott these people socially and economically as much as possible because we Hindus are strengthening these people economically. The day Hindus have united, we will completely boycott them.” Without a killer, they will die of hunger.”

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