Renowned HC lawyer announces to fight free legal case of Love Jihad victims, Thanks to him

A lawyer by profession, Abhishek Chauhan has completely dedicated himself to the noble cause of helping people in need. People in and around his locality, as well as all over Allahabad, prefer to call him ‘Real Life Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, due to his endeavours.

There have been countless occasions when he has helped strangers, without thinking twice.  Hailing from Allahabad, the generous man runs a bank by the name “Manavta”, which funds all these food-providing campaigns on festivals.

This is quite a brilliant initiative from the resident of Allahabad as shortage of food for the poor has been one of the main problems that people are facing currently.

Now, Abhishek has assured that he will fight the legal case of Love Jihad victim for free. Abhishek launched a helpline number 9839669666 for women facing love jihad. He offers legal help and guidance to women who are forced to convert to Islam. Many women will be benefited from Abhishek’s helpline.

There is no hiding from the fact that some extremist youth from Muslim community are involved in the heinous practice of Love Jihad, an alleged effort made by them only to target beautiful and rich women belonging to non-Muslim communities for religious conversion to Islam by ‘fake love’.

They understand girls’ behaviour and study them completely before utilising emotional appeals by using charm to attract girls into conversion by simulating love. Some Mosques in India are allegedly providing training and fund to handsome boys for the cause.

This infamous concept first came to light in India in the year 2009 with alleged conversions in Kerala and Karnataka. Slowly, it started to spread across all states of the country.

It is an alarming situation for the majority who are being manipulated in the name of love. People have expressed their concern over the ongoing practice of Love Jihad in the country. The police should implement effective measures to curb the threat of the practice.

Love Jihad starts with love, conversion takes place once the love settles in and it eventually leads to marriage. Targets in India are mostly Hindu and Christian girls. It is a serious matter that many of us overlook.

It is learnt that, in many cases young women converted to Islam were taken abroad to join ISIS. They are made to live with more than one person and some are even forced to become sex slaves. It has been noted that the police are not considering the matter seriously and no effective steps have been taken to control the situation. Hundreds of complaints have been registered in various police stations across the country in connection with Love Jihad. But no strict action is taken in such cases.

Abhishek Chauhan has been conferred upon with several awards by the Government of India, Government of Uttar Pradesh and some major private organizations.

Some of them are, ‘Marvellous Personality of India’ award, ‘Uttar Pradesh Police Award’, the ‘Sanjogta Mahajan Memorial Award’, ‘Bal Choupal Change Makers’ award, ‘I-Next Personality’ award, ‘Humanity Achievers’ award and the ‘Great Achievers Award’. But more than these awards, he values the love, respect and admiration of the people. We at the The Youth, salute Mr. Abhishek Chauhan, who has worked on the ground, to bring a change in the society, instead of just sitting and cribbing.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.