Eyewitnesses tell everything about Mewat Riots, this city is worse than Pakistan

Eyewitnesses have come forward and provided truthful accounts of the recent riots in Mewat involving Muslims. There are claims that these riots were pre-planned and not spontaneous. Among those sharing their experiences is Vijay, whose video is gaining widespread attention. In his video, Vijay urges fellow Hindus to be vigilant and cautions them to safeguard themselves, stating, “It is important for all Hindus to be aware and take necessary precautions against any potential harm, as he believes that all Muslims are united.”

Vijay and his family, including his one-year-old child, were part of a procession when they were attacked by a group of Muslims. He managed to escape to a nearby petrol pump to save their lives. In frustration, Vijay expressed that he would have disregarded the law and constitution if his child had been harmed.

He witnessed Muslims firing blank bullets while pelting stones at Hindus, resulting in brutal killings. Police officers were attacked, and bullets were fired. Dalit people were crushed by a tempo. Women’s vermillion was smeared, and their faces were crushed with stones. Hands with artistic symbols were cut off. Any vehicle carrying Bajrang Dal or its flag was targeted and attacked.

A pre-planned riot occurred on July 30 in Faridabad, where 90% of the Muslim meat and biryani shops were closed on orders from a Maulana. There were reports of Hindus facing violence in Mewat, and according to Vijay, the riot involved a large number of Muslim men, including teenagers and elderly individuals. The police did not have such weapons in their hands as the rioters had. According to Khattar Saheb’s statement, the police force was deployed within half an hour. However, Vijay contradicts this claim, asserting that no police personnel arrived at the temple for a duration of three hours. Meanwhile, during this period, gunfire persisted.

While keeping his views, Vijay targeted the government and asked why there was no army and police protection for the massive gathering of around 2 lakh Hindus who were on a pilgrimage in Mewat. Instead, they provided protection to just 500 people. He questions why the government didn’t arrange adequate protection for the larger group. He also mentions that a few days before, Muslims had issued a challenge that anyone coming to Bargali Chowk would be killed.

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