Anand Mahindra meets classmate Bill Gates, here’s what happened…

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra group who is known for the knack of his entrepreneurship skills is active on the social media platform more often than not. He always chips in with interesting, inspiring and entertaining posts.

The business magnate is often known to assist micro-entrepreneurs, encourage innovators and back the startups of common people in the country. The coolest business tycoons in India is an inspiration to millions of youngsters and at the same time, he is loved for his sense of humour.

Case in point, the business tycoon Anand Mahindra recently stumbled upon Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once again during the former’s visit to India. Anand Mahindra took to his official Twitter handle and then shared a picture with Bill Gates.

The industrialist further spoke about teaming up to “multiply social impact”. Furthermore, he also shared that Bill Gates signed his book for him, wherein he wished his “classmate” the best.

“Good to see @BillGates again. And, refreshingly, the entire conversation between our teams was not about IT or any business but about how we could work together to multiply social impact. (Though there was some profit involved for me; I got a free, autographed copy of his book)” Anand Mahindra Mahindra uploaded the picture along with the caption.

Here’s another story!

Three years ago, Anand Mahindra disclosed how Bill Gates and him were classmates at Harvard. He also explained a funny incident from that meeting. In a series of Tweets, he wrote:

“Bill started at Harvard College the same year I did (‘73) and famously dropped out to start Microsoft. But the Microsoft team didn’t request this meeting because we were classmates; they asked to meet us because M&M at that time was one of the 1st adopters of WindowsNT 4.0

“Funny story from that meeting: When Bill entered, he said “So I believe we were at Harvard at the same time?” I said ‘Yes, we never met, but I have a grudge against you.’ His team froze, thinking they had arranged a meeting with a wacko!”

“Bill kept his cool & asked “Why the grudge?” I replied: ‘My daughter asked which of my college classmates were now famous & when I told her your name, she said: ’What a loser you are Dad!’ So thanks to you, I’ll always be a loser to my kids!’ We had a big laugh at that..”