Raigarh Hindu girl left her parents to live with Danish Khan, Dies due to torture

Several cases that are similar to the Delhi “Love Jihad” case have also come to light. one such case in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, claims of Love Jihad has been raised. 

A Hindu girl was living with her boyfriend, Danish, in a live-in relationship. The victim, Rakhi Chauhan, dies in the hospital, and before her death, she creates a video. In the video, she accuses her boyfriend, Danish, of physical assault and demands strict action against him.

In the video, the victim Rakhi Chauhan reveals, “I want to talk about Danish. He had been in a relationship with me for a year without getting married. Today, I am in the hospital because of him. I have injuries all over my body. He used to beat me and harass me. He never cared about me. I need justice. I am in a very critical condition. If I die, where will I go? Even my brother has thrown me out of the house. Please, police, ensure strict punishment for Danish.”

According to the victim’s brother, Danish used to beat Rakhi like an animal. She was subjected to harassment for believing in Islamic religious practices.

According to the TV9 news channel, a girl was trapped by Danish by giving her a marriage-like commitment. They were in a live-in relationship for four years, and the accused Danish allegedly blackmailed the girl. He forced her to follow Muslim customs and traditions.

Danish is also accused of making the first child of the victim disappear. He allegedly gave her abortion pills when she became pregnant for the second time, which resulted in her death during treatment.

This is the entire story, and the police are currently investigating the case to gather more evidence and ascertain the truth behind the allegations made by the victim before her untimely demise. BJP MP Gomati Rai from Vaishali has demanded strict action against the accused and has stated that cases should be registered for “love jihad” and murder.

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