B.Tech Girl leaves Islam live on YouTube, as “women are below men” in her religion

Since childhood, all children are taught this for all religions: “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai Aapas me hai Bhai-Bhai”. We should live together without any violence.” However, we are well aware of the developments happening around us in today’s environment.

A video has emerged that reflects similar sentiments, featuring a girl named Zeba, who is a common Muslim but harbours animosity towards the Hindus and Christians. She had a live conversation on YouTube with ex-Muslims, where she threatened them to cut off their private parts.

Zeba believes that Hindus and Christians die like dogs and they are cowards. This amount of religious hatred must be condemned and the government ought to ensure that people promoting this poison, must be penalised.

During the conversation, the ex-Muslims discuss certain points about her religion (Islam) that are also mentioned in her holy book Quran. As the conversation progresses, Zeba decides to renounce Islam.

One of the ex-Muslim boys mentions a point stating, “In Islam, if a man wants to marry a 6-year-old girl, he can do it because Islam allows it.” Based on this point, they ask Zeba about her thoughts on it. On another point, the ex-Muslim says, “According to Islamic rules, suicide is considered forbidden and results in punishment in hell.”

In the third point, he says, “Prophet Muhammad said that if a wife is cooking or doing any work, during that time and her husband asks her for physical intercourse, she cannot refuse. If she does, Allah will curse her.”

Upon hearing all this, Zeba tries her best to defend herself and Islam. However, the ex-Muslims mention a point that shocks Zeba, leading her to decide to leave Islam. In the final point, the ex-Muslim says, “Prophet Muhammad said that women have less intelligence compared to men. Two women’s intellect is equal to one man’s.”

After hearing this, Zeba leaves the YouTube live stream and contemplates the truthfulness of these statements. The next day, she joins back the YouTube live session with them and realizes the depth of this point. Due to this realization, she renounces Islam and apologizes to Sahil and Adam for her initial behaviour.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is derived from the video presented below. The following text aims to present the content in a paraphrased manner.

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