Dabaang police officer pleads the citizens to follow traffic rules with folded hands

Hardly very few people follow road safety measures and the percentage of people wearing helmets while riding is very less. Yes, you yourself can confirm it by your own eyes while driving on road next time. The sad reality is that the people are least bothered about taking care of their own lives.

Shubhakumar sets an example for other cops. He is trying his best to convince the citizens to prioritize safety first while driving by requesting them to wear helmets while riding a bike, put seat belts on while driving a car and so on. Hailing from Ananthapur from Andhra Pradesh, Shubh Kumar cares about people’s lives and he himself has seen many careless road accidents.

Credits: The Indian Express

Prevention is better than cure. In a bid to tackle this, he along with sub-inspectors have been conducting road safety programmes in the Madakasira area and are requesting the citizens to follow the rules so that all can have a safe and sound journey from the start to the destination.

You must have also seen the photo of him standing with his hands folded in front of a man who was on a motorcycle with four of his family members. The picture has went viral all over the social media. The incident took place when Circle Inspector B Shubh Kumar of Anantapur’s Madakasira Circle, who was going to work, saw the man, K Hanumantharayudu, on a motorcycle with his two sons sitting on the fuel tank, his wife behind him and a relative as well on edge of the seat.

“I had just finished a one-and-half hour programme on road safety awareness in which that man was also present. My mind went blank when I saw the five of them riding so dangerously and all I could do was fold my hands in total resignation, helplessness and frustration.

I asked him to think of the safety of his family as he did not have a minimum sense of responsibility towards them. As the two kids were sitting on the fuel tank, he had little room to manoeuvre because their legs were stuck to the handlebar. Accidents happen like that only. When I confronted him, he just smiled back at me and murmured something,’’ Shubh Kumar was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

The inspector said the person has been committing the same mistake quite often and he had warned him many times before as well. “He also did not wear a helmet and none of his family members too had one. This also puts others on the road at risk. He was totally unconcerned about the danger,” said annoyed Kumar who is caring about people’s lives.

“This is a remote area and traffic awareness among people is very low. We have been conducting such programmes for the past four months by showing videos of road safety, the importance of wearing helmets, perils of overloading, how accidents happen etc. We also show interviews of family members who have lost their loved ones in accidents and how their lives have changed. But some people just don’t care. It is frustrating sometimes,” he said.

When you can afford a rigid back case for your brand new mobile to protect against damage, why can’t you afford a brand new helmet to protect your head from danger? What’s your say? If you change your self-perception, you are bound to change your life.

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