Meet this old man who ate dead body of 10yr old Daughter, his story will send a chill down your spine

Feeding another person’s flesh is the most repugnant act in the world. However, there have been several cases where people have eaten body parts of other humans. Such is the case of a cruel man named Albert Fish, known as the Brooklyn Vampire.

Albert Fish derived pleasure from tormenting children. It was his habit to sexually assault children, commit murder, and consume their body parts. Surprisingly, despite his involvement in the deaths of over 100 children, he was only convicted of killing three.

In the year 1870, Albert Fish created a long history in Washington D.C., America. The story of his monstrosity will send shivers down your spine. He developed a close friendship with a 10-year-old girl’s family to fulfill his wicked intentions. One day, he took Gracie with him under the pretense. From that day onwards, no one saw Gracie again. She could not be found despite extensive searching, nor could her fate be ascertained.

However, one day a letter arrived at their home that shocked everyone. It read, “Her friend John Davis took her to Hong Kong once, where he witnessed something astonishing: along with various types of meat, human flesh was also available. This became a new experience for him. He developed a craving for human flesh and during this time, he saw Gracie and believed that his dream was about to come true.”

With this in mind, Fish devised a plan. According to his plan, he lied to Gracie’s family, claiming that he wanted to take her to her niece’s birthday party. He took Gracie to a deserted house and went to another room, undressing completely. When Gracie entered his room and saw everything, she started crying and tried to escape. Albert caught her, undressed her as well, suffocated her, and finally dismembered and consumed her small body parts. He thoroughly enjoyed eating her for a period of nine days, but he never engaged in any sexual acts with her.

The pain of hearing this story is unimaginable. anyone can’t imagine the anguish Gracie’s parents endured? Trembling with fear, they took the letter to the police, who initiated an investigation. Eventually, based on the evidence from the letter, Albert Fish was arrested on January 16, 1936, and he received the punishment of death for his monstrous acts.”

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