Meet Arpit Raj, a boy from Bihar who established a 3.5cr Chai business with his wit

Chai is a word when we hear, most of us get multiple thoughts like the best tea we ever had (taste), fragrance of spices comes with every sip when we drink chai, the color, the aura of a place where we love to enjoy chai and much more. Surprisingly there is a day which is dedicated to celebrate ‘National Chai Day’ in the month of September every year. “National Chai Day is celebrated on September 21 and it is a day held in appreciation of a globally healthy and beneficial drink. Chai, also referred to as Masala chai, is a sweet Indian tea beverage with a slight hint of spiciness, traditionally consisting of aromatic spices like cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper”.

An Indian young adult, like the elements of masala chai, has an amazing element in his journey that he started with just a perfect cup of tea. Founder, Arpit Raj (BBA in Travel, Tourism & hospitality and MBA in marketing) and Co- founder, Prateek (MBA finance grad.) have made their Chaai Seth venture a business of ₹3.5cr. Arpit Raj, a boy from Bihar who was studying in Shillong chose his passion over his well paying job to launch the startup, called Chaai Seth. With the collaboration with his friends, he collectively invested 50,000-60,000 and built up the set up- a small Tea tapri in Shillong, Meghalaya in 2015. In 2018 he got placed in New Delhi in a startup and worked there for 1.5 years. One sudden day he thought to restart the concept which he left behind in Shillong after completing his studies.

His education, extensive knowledge in marketing and with his smart skills, Arpit Raj steadily worked unswayed on his passion to make his small business a big brand. Being a student himself he mentions, ” Me and all my friends in college days always used to roam around in the search of mouth watering and tummy filling food joints”. His experiences and encounters with different challenges of youth in regards to food such as midnight cravings, strong chai, authentic flavourful food or snack etc. Evoked his feelings that he also felt when he used to be in shillong while he was pursuing his BBA which eventually led him to open his and everyone’s dream place, a perfect spot which can fulfill and meet all the basic needs of youth.

Arpit Raj stated, ” In 2019 we registered Bractburd Food and Beverage Pvt Ltd, and came full time into business. The Initial challenge was maintaining the taste and food industry runs on taste and quality.  To have a perfect and consistent taste, we literally traveled to a number of tea farms, and tried a lot of experiments with the taste. Today, we proudly say that we have the best tea and fast-food taste as compared with the industry” – Arpit, founder- CHAAI SETH.” Also as a franchisor, the brand CHAAI SETH provides the authority to use the brand name, and to use and operate the outlet in the style of chaai seth. The brand also gives staff training, recipes, A to Z pre and post opening support like location finalization, legal help (licensing), marketing expertise, billing software etc.

Arpit Raj also shared how well organized, uniformed and strict scrutinizing is involved in order to achieve CHAAI SETH franchisee to maintain the authenticity of the original Chaai Seth brand in each outlet, to let everyone around India enjoy and feel the Original taste. His mission is not yet complete, it’s a long marathon which will complete once he achieves the goals he has set and reach the final destination he dreamt.

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].