Twitter’s hilarious reaction to BJP- NCP friendship, check them out

The recent alliance between the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has created a stir in the Indian political landscape. The unexpected merger of two parties with divergent ideologies has garnered significant attention from media outlets, leading to various reactions and speculations. We have identified the implications, potential motivations, and different responses of the NCP-BJP alliance.

Historical Background of NCP and BJP-

The RashtraVadi Congress Party (NCP), led by Sharad Pawar, has traditionally formed alliances with the Centre-Left ideology and has maintained a strong presence in Maharashtra. In contrast, the BJP, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, represents Right-Wing nationalism and enjoys significant support across the country. There have often been disagreements between both parties on crucial issues such as economic policies, social issues, and regional and national interests. The sudden alliance between them has generated diverse reactions from Twitter users. The alliance’s impact on Indian politics is a subject of intense discussion.

Different reactions on social media, especially from Twitter users-

Social Media, especially Twitter, has become a battleground for different reactions from users. Akshay Akki, a Twitter user, shares a tweet with Amit Shah’s photo and writes, “Masterstroke, everyone, this Chanakya till the real Chanakya arrives.”

Prayag, a verified Twitter user, also shares a video in their post and writes, “Sharad Pawar sending NCP MLA’s to BJP.” Along with this, they share an edited photo of Ajit Pawar in another post, saying, “I repeat, Politics is more interesting than any web series.”

Dhruv Sutaria, another Twitter user, shares a photo of Sanjay Raut and writes, “Big thanks to Sanjay Raut who single-handedly destroyed Shiv Sena & NCP.”

Twitter users have also shared many more tweets like this-

These diverse reactions on Twitter highlight the varied interpretations and speculations surrounding the NCP-BJP alliance. Some view it as a masterstroke, others suspect ulterior motives, and some criticize the role of specific individuals. The alliance has certainly generated significant interest and discussion among social media users, emphasizing the impact of this unexpected political development on the Indian political landscape.

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