Islam is the only correct religion, we won’t stop until Islam enters every home: claims aggressive protestor

Recently, an ardent protester made a shocking statement in which he claimed that Islam is the only true religion and that he will spread its propagation to every home. This video has gained significant attention on social media due to its divisive nature. It is important to note that every religion holds its own unique significance and merits, and it is inappropriate to advocate for one religion in such a manner and encourage others to do so as well.

This Islamic Protester Says in Viral Video, “We’re done being tortured and hurt and judged. Islam is the correct religion. Our goal is to promote understanding and respect for the diverse religious beliefs around the world, including Islam. We are committed to fostering harmony and acceptance within every home. Please join us in advocating for unity and mutual understanding. Asking others to speak the same words. The statement made by the Islamic protester in the viral video is indeed a matter of concern.

In the video, he goes on to express, “I wish to listen to it in each and every district.” It should tremble. Brooklyn should hear it. The Bronx should hear it. Queens should hear it. Say it as if the UMMAH depends on this. My brothers and sisters. There is no God worthy of worship except Allah. The God of Jesus, the God of Moses, the God of Abraham, and the God of the last and final prophet Muhammad. “

More than 350k people have watched the viral video so far, seeing which different reactions of people are being seen. “The American Witch” This is the fastest method to make Americans despise you”.

jewburg jon writes, “That’s what they covered themselves up, marry young girls, rape murder opponents – bomb start ISIS, etc.. religion of love and tolerance – NOPE not at all!”

Another user writes, “Time to wake up and be aware, this is getting out of hand now”.

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