Love Jihad: Muslim Man changed his name to Karan traps minor Hindu girl, forces her to convert to Islam

Love Jihad, is a very controversial topic about which we all keep hearing and reading a lot. love jihad cases rapidly increasing day by day. Recently, a shocking case of love jihad has come to light from Surat. Where a Muslim youth, named Rizwan Ghaffar Shah who uses the Hindu surname Karan, is accused of trapping a Hindu girl.

According to online sources, the victim girl first met Rizwan Ghaffar Shah in the year 2018 when she was 17 years old. During this time Rizwan established the identity of Karan. The girl was employed in a factory and the accused Rizwan drove an autorickshaw, which often provided transportation to his workplace. Over time, their acquaintance blossomed into a close friendship, which eventually developed into a love relationship.

Rizwan married the girl after luring her into his love trap. The girl was a minor at the time of marriage. After this, both of them went to Delhi. According to the complaint, after being taken to Delhi, the accused said that he is a Muslim and his name is not Karan but Rizwan. But by then the victim had become pregnant, so she started living with Rizwan.

The victim complained that Rizwan had told her that they (Muslims) do not believe in idol worship and hence the girl should also not worship idols. Also, the accused started pressuring her to convert to Islam. And he converted her religion. Rizwan brought her to his family in Uttar Pradesh (UP).
The victim went to UP and gave birth to a daughter. It is alleged that Rizwan assaulted the victim by saying that he wanted a son. The girl also said in the complaint that in UP she was forced to wear a burqa and was also restricted from leaving the house.

Meanwhile, the girl became pregnant for the second time and gave birth to a second child. The girl complained that she later came to know that Rizwan was also in contact with other Hindu girls. When Rizwan was questioned about this, he told the victim girl that the more Muslim youth trap Hindu girls, the more money they are paid.

When the torture finally became unbearable, the girl informed the family came to Surat and lodged a complaint at Pandesara Police Station. After registering the case based on the complaint of the victim, Surat Police took prompt action and arrested the accused person Rizwan. Still, The action is going on.

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