Most unknown facts about Sonu Sood, Did you know he is a Vegetarian?

Becoming a star is not easy as it takes struggle and persistence to reach at the top and even harder to stay there. Recently, the Bollywood star and actor Sonu Sood has set a great example by helping the migrant workers during this lockdown and garnered surplus blessings. We are going to tell you some very interesting and unknown facts about Sonu Sood here.

From being a reel life villain to truly a real life hero, Sonu Sood has become an inspiration across the country. People could not stop praising him for helping the migrant workers in reaching their homes safely.

However, he had his own shares of challenges in the film industry in the starting of his career as an actor. There are many unknown facts about Sonu Sood and one is that Sonu Sood is pure vegetarian. He had even made his body by just taking vegetarian food and no meat.

Sonu was a complete outsider in the film industry and his story behind coming to Mumbai is interesting. He had always wanted to become an actor but his mother wanted him to become a well settled man. Hence, Sonu was sent to Nagpur for engineering and got a degree in Electronics Engineering. But the desire to become an actor did not get any lesser and he thus asked his mother to give him a year to try his luck.

He then came to Mumbai and used to live in a 1-BHK flat with 5- 6 people. Getting work was not at all easy as there was no casting directors or any other kind of help those days.  It took Sonu 18 months to just recognize the roads and buildings of Mumbai that truly mattered for him. He would go from office to office in search of work but was rejected everywhere.

Sonu used to travel by local buses in Mumbai with a pass like any other normal citizen. Before entering in Bollywood, he worked in South Indian films and got his first major break as a South Indian actor.

It was something that was not straight. Sonu sent his picture somewhere to a director but later found out that they were looking for a heroine for their film. This disappointed him a lot. However, his one year of hard work turned fortune in his favour and Sonu got a call for an audition from the same director’s office.

A strange incident happened during audition. Sonu was told to take off his shirt by the director. He felt too hesitant but took it off. Everyone in the office praised his body and thus, he got selected for his first film. From there, Sonu’s journey of becoming an actor started.

He worked in many South Indian films thereafter. However, he got a big break in Bollywood through the film  ‘Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh’. He played the role of Bhagat Singh in this film and was recognized by the critics and the audiences for his performance. Later on, Sonu Sood got real recognition from the character of Chhedi Singh that he portrayed in Dabangg. 

Sonu Sood faced many down hills during his journey but he never gave up. He is very humble and understands the importance of success, and never takes it for granted.

Dipiya is a Journalist at The YOUTH - She is a Truth Seeker and is interested in matters that matter. Being a Divergent with a pinch of awesomeness & a single aim to make a difference, Dipiya is determined to make India aware of the real issues.