Indian dancers dance to Hindi Song, 3 thousand USA audience give standing ovation

BAD Salsa were a salsa duo who represented India in America’s Got talent 2020. This duo with their surreal beautiful and ecstatic performance made India proud and bagged a ‘Yes’ from all the judges, in the initial round to move further. Here is the story in which Indian dancers dance to Hindi song and received standing ovation in America.

The duo is of Sonali Majumdar and Maraju Sumanth. From their entry on the stage of America’s Got Talent to their finishing moves, they were flawless and awesome. The duo had their group name as BAD Salsa but it was not because they were not good at performing Salsa.

The acronym BAD means Bivash Academy of Dance- and Sonali and Sumanth are the students of this academy. The dancing duo – Sumanth Maroju – 21 and Sonali Majumder -15, hail from Kolkata.

Both of them were outstanding at their performance and won the hearts of not only Indians but the whole world. During the introduction, Sumanth described that Sonali’s father is a farmer and earns $1 as his daily income. Hence, Sonali’s journey from India to America is very inspiring.

BAD Salsa not only inculcated perfection, expression, posture, strength and flexibility but also represented love and respect towards the art. All of this was clearly visible during their performance at the stage in America.  With their spine chilling lifts and surreal performances, they made the world discover an ample of innovative and unique creations in the dance world.

Kolkata’s dancing duo BAD Salsa performed on America’s Got Talent Season 15 on Shahid Kapoor’s Dhating Naach. And the video of their performance has gone viral on Facebook. They can be seen dancing magically in the video.

This video of their performance has garnered million views on Facebook and is being widely shared across other social media sites as well. Apart from this, people are highly praising their talent and they are receiving good wishes from all over the world. This story of Indian dancers dance to Hindi song and receiving standing ovation in America is a proud one for India.

Their dance and aerial flips in the American Dance Talent show made the judges’ and audiences’ jaws drop. The duo also received a standing ovation from the audience and bagged approvals from all the judges.

After they completed their performance, all the judges – Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell – gave them a YES, which meant they qualified for the Judge Cuts round.

We congratulate the amazing Jodi of Sonali and Sumanth and wish them All the Very Best for their dance career.

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