Shameful: Gulfaam Khan tortures his wife Sonia for 4 years without giving Food, read full details

The Dowry system is one of the prevalent evils in society. It is an ancient practice in human civilization and has spread across many parts of the world. It causes significant harm to society. There are many cases related to dowry where girls have to bear its heavy consequences. One such case emerges in the Gwalior region, where a 25-year-old woman named Sonia has endured torture from her husband and in-laws for four years. Once a lively and beautiful girl, Sonia is now reduced to a mere skeleton.

Actually, Sonia got married to Gulfaam Khan on January 14, 2018. Despite being in poor financial condition, Sonia’s family gave Gulfaam a bike as a dowry. However, Gulfaam was not happy with this and soon sold his bike. Afterwards, he started demanding a new car from Sonia’s family, and when Sonia opposed it, Gulfaam began physically assaulting her.

Gradually, Gulfaam’s brutality intensified to the point where he restricted Sonia from leaving the house and talking to her own family. He locked Sonia in a small room and beat her on a daily basis. Even Sonia’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law were involved in this crime. They would join Gulfaam in physically assaulting Sonia.  She was not even given food; Sonia was deprived of a proper meal each day for four years. Sonia never imagined that after marriage, she would face such cruelty that her life would become a living hell.

Finally, Sonia’s mother forcibly brought her back home. After such extreme abuse, Sonia became a mentally disturbed patient and became so emaciated that nobody could recognize her. Along with that, she contracted tuberculosis. Sonia’s mother filed a case against Sonia’s in-laws at the Gwalior police station. Upon investigating the matter, Superintendent of Police Gwalior, Nagendra Singh, stated that it is evident that this is a serious case of domestic violence and dowry harassment, and strict action will be taken.”

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