Inspired by CID TV serial, minor kills his friend for money

Popular Hindi television show ‘CID’ is telecast on Sony Channel, and is watched by people of all ages across the nation. A major incident was inspired by this serial.

In Sonipat, an 11th-standard student kidnapped and killed a child studying in the fourth standard in his own school. The accused is 16 years old, while the victim was 8 years old. They were also neighbors. The incident took place in TDI España, a high-rise apartment in Sonipat. The victim’s body was discovered in a water drum in the same building’s basement.

The deceased student’s name was Arjit, also known as Hannu. His father, Ajit Tripathi, is a sales manager at Paytm. Hannu (the victim) went to the society to play with other children in the evening and went missing during that time. When Hannu did not return by late evening, a search was initiated. On Monday evening, Hannu’s family received information about his abduction. They also received a ransom letter of 6 lakh rupees at home. They arranged for 4 lakh rupees overnight, but the next morning around 4 o’clock, Hannu’s body was found.

During the investigation on Tuesday, the cops spotted Hannu with the neighbor’s child in the CCTV footage of the building. Based on suspicion, the minor accused was arrested by the police. When questioned rigorously, the accused confessed to the kidnapping and murder. He revealed that he had committed the murder on Monday. After that, he returned home, had dinner, wrote the ransom letter, and delivered it to Hannu’s house.

The letter stated that they had Hannu and that if they wanted to see him alive, they should bring 6 lakh rupees and stand in front of gate number 2 of TDI Royal by tonight. Their representative would collect the money from them by 5 o’clock in the morning. They were being closely watched. If they informed the police or told anyone, Hannu would be directly harmed. Once they received the money, Hannu would be returned to them by 6 o’clock. The decision was in their hands: money or their child.

The accused explained that his father was mentally ill and it had become difficult to manage household expenses. They were not getting any pocket money, so he took this step. When Hannu started crying while his hands and legs were being tied, the accused got scared, and in panic, he hit Hannu several times with a wrench (a tool used to open nuts and bolts).

Hannu’s head started bleeding, and he fell down. The accused thought that if Hannu regained consciousness, he could be caught, so he strangled him. When it was determined that Hannu had dead, he scooped up his body and put down it in the basement water drum. The accused revealed that he got the idea of the murder by watching the CID serial.”

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