Girlfriend Dumped Him For Being Poor, He Now Owns A Million Dollars Worth Firm

Sourabh was not precisely a poor fellow, but certain situations screwed his life in a way he would never have expected. Born into an above middle class family, this person had everything to lead a decent life, like good friends, good education in decent institutions etc. But life changed drastically for this person as a financial predicament occurred in his completely out of the blue.

Three things happened in that person’s life and there after, life started to get tougher and tougher. One, his sister got married, two, his father bought a new apartment and three, he entered engineering. All these things are incredibly lucrative and involves a whole lot of many, something not many are oblivious to.

Maybe all these things coming together haunted him quite badly. This financial crisis meant he no longer will be able to use a vehicle to get to college and he should either go for public transport or walk his way. Situations began to worsen so badly for him as he started to get frightened to get to college as he knew the bank officials will come to his home to recover the EMIs, which they were unable to pay and he started being his mother’s body guard to protect her from them.

Finally, there came a moment when he finally had to quit his college as his family could no longer afford to pay those hefty sums to get him educated and he had to look for a small job to help his father repay the debts. Though his father was strictly against his decision to quit college, he tried BPO jobs and various other part time jobs, but got rejected.

The toughest of the blows came for this youngster when his girl-friend, his only ray of happiness, also dumped him as he had no proper employment and she refused to introduce him to her parents. He was completely devastated with what happened, yet somehow he encouraged himself to build a website.

Neither he had any knowledge about the web world nor he had the money to buy a domain but he had the courage and self belief, which really took him a long way. He bought a domain on credit for Rs. 275/- and spent hours locked inside a room to get his family out of all the trouble. He had borrowed a PC from one of his friends.

Picture Source: Quora

Nothing came easy for him as his first three websites were disasters and he had given up on building websites. Then he started working as freelancer and started developing many sites with the knowledge he had incurred with all his past experiences. Sourabh’s first few months as a freelancer didn’t earn him more than $5, but in two years time, he generated $40,000 and he finally accomplished his mission to get his family out of trouble.

Sourabh’s story is true inspiration for many and he stands as the synonym for the word perseverance. Though adversity got the better of him on many occasions, he believed in himself and he finally won the battle. This story also throws light on how much of an impact Internet has had on many people’s lives.

Not just Sourabh, but many people across have been earning incredibly well by working on websites as freelancers and web developers. Internet has created so many employment opportunities for the people and now, there are so many millionaire across the country who would have been roaming jobless if there was no internet.

NOTE: The name of the person in this story has been changed upon his personal request. He had shared his story on Quora and this is a re-written version of is excerpt. 

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