Manoj Kumar- read how he reached the zenith from a marginalized family

They say “Hard work always pays off”, if you are determined towards your goal, your goal will come running to you to kiss your feet. Darkness and light are two inventible aspects of nature; similarly sadness and happiness are two parts of life. Without sorrow, the joy of happiness is dull. Only those emerge winner, who know how to cope with such challenges in their life. In many cases, people attain inherited skill to handle it, while in other examples they develop themselves. In this article, we will go through an uncommon story which will prove to be the driving force for many of us.



Manoj Kumar, like million others, was born in a small village and forced to struggle for a two time meal in his life. When he was in 7th grade, he started earning a living for his family by selling SIM cards, recharge vouchers on roadside. He attended his class in the morning, and went out to obtain his living as soon as he got home. His interest in study never diminished. Over time he, in fact, raised his longing in school curriculum. The monetary condition was not in his favour, however his mother observed his iron will towards study and she sold out her jewellery to lay support to his dream.


Hard work finally paid off, Manoj earned his BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) and went on the lookout of a fresh job. He got a job in Noida with a mere salary of Rs. 2,500pm. Despite sacrificing himself for the company in all possible ways, he was sacked from the firm after a few months. The situation shook him deep inside, with no job in hand and no money in pocket, he had no idea about his further source of income. There was no one beside him to support in the glittering city. He was forced to spend nights at railways station. Eventually he came back to the village by train without a ticket, breaking all dreams he cherished in the city of Noida.


In his village, he realise the importance of education in this ruthless world of cut-throat competition. He wished to earn his masters (MBA). But the very obstacle lying in his way was money. But the bank manager, when he approached him, was impressed by Manoj’s willing for education. When he earned  the degree, Manoj was selected as a management trainee  by a firm in Mumbai. There was a time when his colleagues smirked at his torn cloths and made fun of his inability to speak fluent English. For how could this village boy afford branded cloths when he had to sleep on floors owing to burden of bank loan mountaining upon him to pay as soon as possible?


Manoj was soon tagged as a non-performer. He was asked to quit the job, his boss scolded him several times. But every word of his seniors proved to be prolific for Manoj and he won the award of the best employ of the company. Today he has been promoted to the manager’s post of the firm