Washed dishes for 1.2$ an hour but now Shahid Khan is one of the richest persons in the world

Life has many twists and turns. Not many people touched the pinnacle of success despite facing difficulties in the earlier stages of their career. They did not complain about the lack of resources but they were more satisfied with what they had. Sometimes, the transition can be shocking. People who have gone through difficulties with family fought ever so well to become an icon in later stages of life.

There is no one who wants to lead a frugal life. Though we all dream of being successful, very few of us get to taste the essence of success. Shahid Khan is one of a kind. He was not someone who came up with excuses but was someone who had big dreams to unlock his achievements. From a dishwasher to a billionaire, Shahid Khan’s story needs to be told.

Shahid Khan (Credits: GetWestLondon)

Shahid Khan stepped into this world on 18 July 1950 in Lahore, Pakistan. He faced quite a lot of setbacks. However, his never give up attitude always helped him to overcome challenges. At the age of 16, Shahid Khan came to America with just 500$ on the purpose of pursuing an academic career. But he was already running short of meeting money requirements. So, he started working at the hotel at 1.2$/ hour which was very useful for him.

However, he was not much into studying Architecture as he left the course just after a year of study. Then he walked in a different life as he started studying engineering and completed his degree in 1971. During that time, he extended his hard working services in dishwashing. After earning the engineering degree, he got a job in FLEX N GATE company of making auto parts. With complete interest and dedication, he worked there for seven years.

Having slowly progressing in life step by step, he got a loan sanctioned for 50000$ in 1978. With his savings of 16000$, he established his new company of making bumpers of autos. There were good early signs after starting the company as he gained huge profit in this business. He then first time introduced one piece drow bumper that received a lot of attention in America. He got a lot of profit from that business in just two years and he bought FLEX N GATE company where he was appointed earlier. This is called ‘success’.

When he was working in ‘FLEX N GATE’ company, it didn’t reach out to all the people over there. But when he took over, everything started to change and by his command, the company became popular whole around America. Having carved out a reputation for himself as a successful entrepreneur, he got an order from TOYOTA company of making bumpers in 1984.

Three years later, FLEX N GATE company was the only supplier to TOYOTA company for bumpers. After so many years, he got American nationality in 1991 and is now the American citizen. Apart from his successful business set-up, he has also bought a football team.

His family is living in Pakistan and he comes to his motherland once in a year to relish, rejoice and spend quality time with them. After earning revenues with a lot of difficulties, his total assets are estimated to be around 9 Billion USD and he is the 158th richest person in the World. By virtue of hard work on a consistent basis, he shot to fame to become one of the greatest icons in the world.

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