Selfless initiative- Students of colleges start celebrating their parties with school kids, spending all their money on them

You may not be well aware of the fact that India is widely seen as a very poor country in the world. If you go outside India, people have negative views about our nation. Needless to say, their opinion is indeed fair as there are millions of children in India who go hungry every night because they have nothing to eat on their plate. Our country is made of 1.3 billion people and we will truly be a developed nation when maximum people will be prosperous.

Children are the future of India and their status can be elevated only when they are provided with quality education. On 1st of April, 2010- the government of India implemented the Right To Education act in the country and India became one of 135 nations which have made education a fundamental right of children aged between 6 and 14. However, there is no substantial improvement in the delivery of the idea of compulsory education. Children don’t attend schools for lack of social awareness in villages and tribal areas as the patients don’t value education- therefore they don’t take any interest in sending their kids to nearby schools (if there is any).

One major reason why kids don’t come to classes is because they feel bored and alien to the place. That was an impediment and even the government had no solution thereto. The government was nothing but helpless.

Meanwhile, a group of students has started an unimaginable work for the society or for the future of the country, which can overturn the fate of Indian education in a small span of time. They never set up any organization or NGO, instead they just started a drive in North-East India and named it K’ish which derives from two English words- Kids’ Wish.

The idea of this revolution first came to an engineering student- Abhijeet Chandra from Asansol Eng. College and then he, along with his eight other dedicated friends namely Abhishek Singh, Priyaranjan Singh,Vivek Kumar, Raghuvendra Singh,Chandan Mishra,Ramesh Pandey,Bagish Pathak, Saurav Bhagat- set off on the journey.


Their Work

Lot of us wish to celebrate our birthdays with fancy friends, but these students decided to celebrate their birthdays with children in government schools and distribute gifts among them. They spent all their money to buy cake, gifts, toys and foods for school kids. Seeing all this, kids started loving these college students. In fact, most kids started coming to school only because of these engineering aspirants.

From 9 students, the team has grown manifold in 10 months. Over 120 youths have joined the group and they are frequently vising nearby schools on their birthdays.

We often complain about bad people in India. The fact is- we overlook the contributions of good people and fail to appreciate their bits. We need to praise these students for their outstanding job. TheYouth has taken the initiative. Please forward their story to maximum people,if you want a better society for our future.


Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.