“7-year-old girl forced to marry 45-year-old man by her parents”

Khagaria, Bihar: A grave case of child marriage has come to light in Khagaria District, where the parents of a seven-year-old girl married her off to a 45-year-old disabled man in exchange for a small sum of money. This incident took place three months ago, and all three accused individuals are currently on the run, while the parents have been arrested and placed in judicial custody.

Reportedly, the child was taken to Kanhaiyachak Thakurbari under the pretext of showing her the Shivaratri Fair earlier this year on March 11. In the darkness of the night, her wedding was clandestinely solemnized with a 45-year-old man named Sushil.

Despite the girl crying and resisting during the wedding, her parents proceeded with the marriage. It is worth mentioning that this was Sushil’s second marriage, as his first wife had died in an accident. Local residents are demanding swift arrest of the fugitive accused to ensure they face severe punishment. The police claim to be making efforts to apprehend the remaining three fugitives and expect the groom to be behind bars soon.

In this case, the police had filed a case against the girl’s parents, along with Sushil Kumar Mishra and five others. However, three of the accused, including the groom, are still at large. Nevertheless, the police have freed the girl from the clutches of the groom and have taken her parents into judicial custody. This entire incident occurred in the Bharatkhanda Assistant Police Station area of Khagaria District.

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