“Meet Ayesha who exposes her Husband and family before Committing suicide”

Ayesha of Gujarat had committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. At that time, she also made a video. Ayesha’s husband Arif is accused that after marriage he started torturing Ayesha for dowry and used to beat her. Now Arif is in police custody.

According to family members, Ayesha’s husband Arif used to work in a granite factory in Jalore along with his father Babu Khan Apart from this, he had given two of his shops on rent and he himself was the post of supervisor in the granite factory.

Ayesha also liked Jalore very much. Ayesha’s maternal grandfather lives in Rajendra Nagar of Jalore. She always used to go there on holiday. Ayesha was married in the year 2018 to Arif Khan, a resident of Jalore. Ayesha’s maternal uncle said that her in-laws regularly harassed her for the greed of dowry, due to which she took suicide step.

Ayesha made the last video on the river and she said – whatever I am doing, I am doing it as per my wish. Furthermore, Ayesha says, “I have no idea what I can say,” the life given by God was only this much. Dad, how long will you fight, now withdraw the case.

Ayesha further said that if Arif wants freedom, then it is okay that he should be free. I’m glad; when I see Allah, I’ll tell him where did I go wrong. Ayesha further said that she will pray to Allah not to show the face of humans in the future.

Not only this, Ayesha also said that if you want to love then do it bilaterally, nothing is achieved by doing it unilaterally.  Ayesha further said that I am like the wind, I just want to keep flowing. Ayesha said that whatever I had to tell, I have already told. Remember me in your prayers, I don’t know whether I will get to heaven or not. Good Bye.

Watch the video below:-

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