“Shocking! Two husbands Claim their rights over one wife, quickly check out details”

Nalanda: An unusual case has come to light in Nalanda, Bihar. Here, two young men are claiming the same woman as their wives. The incident took place in Sant Nagar Mohalla, Parbalpur.

On Sunday night, hundreds of people gathered when two men, both married, were fighting and claiming to be married to the same woman. The situation did not calm down, so the locals informed the local police about it.

Upon receiving the information, the police reached the scene and took all three to the police station to resolve the matter. A high-level drama unfolded at the station. The incident is said to have occurred around 4:30 pm when two alleged husbands of Aarti Devi, who was living as a tenant in a house, claimed to be her respective spouses. According to Babloo Kumar, a resident of Dhibaripur village in the police station area, he married Aarti Devi eight years ago, and they also have three children.

On the other hand, one year ago, Aarti fell in love with Dheerendra Kumar, a resident of Korubigha in Chandigha Thana, and started living with him in a rented house in Parbalpur. When Babloo reached the rented house in Sant Nagar, Parbalpur on Sunday, he was shocked to see his wife with Dheerendra.

An argument ensued between them. Afterward, most of the people from the neighborhood gathered there, and the truth of the matter came to light. Seeing the situation deteriorate, the locals informed the police, who then took all three to the police station. Aarti’s first husband claims that he cannot live without her, while her second husband, Dheerendra Kumar, is also asserting his rights over her.

The Officer-in-Charge of Parbalpur Police Station has stated that Aarti was already married before and had eloped from her first marriage four months ago due to a love affair. Efforts are being made to reconcile both families. However, Aarti wants to live with her second husband, Dheerendra. Nevertheless, Still, she is not divorced from her first husband, as well as the second husband is also married. Currently, everyone is being counselled in an attempt to resolve the case.

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