Disgusting! Vendor caught washing ‘used’ cups to serve tea to passengers once again

Most of us love to travel by train. A journey in the train is so much nice where you bump into unknowns and understand other person’s perspective. You tend to make friends with fellow passengers during the journey.

People who don’t depend on the food or tea served on the train through e-catering would carry their own foodstuff packed from home along with a tea or coffee flask.

Screenshots from a video in which the guy caught washing cups at a Railway Station

On the contrary, others give a crunch in train to satisfy their taste buds. But what’s happening behind the scenes is something that nobody is aware of. In a disturbing video that has surfaced this week all over the internet, a vendor was seen washing plastic cups at the railway station. A couple of days ago, another disgusting video went viral where a vendor was seen using toilet water to prepare tea and coffee.

People love to drink tea or coffee especially while they are travelling in trains. The hot tea or coffee that is being served comes with plastic cups. The visitors give 10 rupees per cup and then enjoy the drink from first to the last sip. After that, they throw away the cups.

But, the unknown hawkers take this as an opportunity to collect the leftover cups from the dustbins and reuse them again for the same purpose. They are least bothered about people’s safety but are focused on money. After this incident, there are more chances that people would prefer carrying tea flask with them instead of depending on tea sellers.

Indian Railway Service must take a note of what’s happening in the train and they should conduct raids frequently to make sure things that are being served to the people are free from danger. The Commercial Department must keep monitoring the unknown traders, especially at the Railway station.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.