Man said ‘I want to Die like Real Men’, Police gives him an epic reply on Twitter

Traffic Police officers are one of the major reasons why people are free from danger while carrying on a road trip in India. They are people’s friend when the rules are being obeyed. It is not so easy to do this stressful job because traffic policemen stand under the scorching sun to help people follow the traffic rules. To be able to do the work even during holidays, weekends and under extreme weather conditions makes them a class apart.

Their main purpose is to ensure people’s safety and a free flow of traffic to prevent a number of road crashes and thus saving lives as well. Spending most of their time outdoors is something that traffic policemen are used to. Also, they have to be pretty much focused on their work as well because it demands longer concentration.

(Credits: HYDTP Twitter Official)

The situation becomes really nasty when the people don’t follow the rules that are enforced by the traffic police. ‘Drink & Drive’, ‘Overspeeding’, ‘Not wearing a helmet’, ‘Crossing red signal’ are deemed contrary to the traffic rules. The traffic policemen carry important tools along with them to make sure everything is safe and sound. They work with tools such as alcohol test apparatus, speed-measuring apparatus, etc.


We all know about bikers in India. With powerful bikes, they shift gears to travel at the highest speed for fun. But little did they know that the fun is sometimes risky as well. One of the residents in Hyderabad was apparently seen riding a bike without a helmet. The strange caption on his bike’s mudguard read, “No helmet I die like real men.”

The traffic police who spotted the sticker was not really impressed by the caption. In an attempt to teach the biker a life lesson, the traffic policeman tweeted the pictures of the biker on Twitter along with the e-challan. The unknown biker was further identified as Krishna Reddy. The traffic policeman’s caption read, “#HYDTPweCareForU We r extremely Sorry Mr Krishna Reddy Sir. We won’t let U die. We will see that U “LIVE LIKE REAL MEN”. Please wear helmet & ride.

Seeing the touching response by a traffic policeman, one of the Twitter users was impressed. He said if he was in place of Krishna Reddy, he would be wearing a helmet by now after reading such an epic life-lesson tweet by the traffic policeman.

“:) ? ? If it was me in place of Krishna Reddy, I would be wearing a helmet by now especially after reading such a sweet tweet. I am sure, he too must have bought a helmet by now … Applauds to your sense of humour and style of correcting people… All hearts!!”

The traffic inspector’s tweet had gone viral all over the internet and it got a great response from the people as well. After reading such tweets, HYDTP came up with another sweet tweet that read, “All the viewers Thank u for ur tweets. We believe that imposing Challan won’t bring change. Change should come from citizens. Loss of life is irreparable to his family and Nation too also. Wish u safe and happy driving. Raju Inspector Admin.”

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