IIT Professor Invents Low-Cost Solar Bags For Kids in remote areas – Let’s appreciate her invention

In a new era of scientific technology, inventions are bound to come. Where there is a difficulty in the human race, there is always a product or machinery to nullify them, which makes your life much simpler and happier. So far, this has been the case in the modern world.

They say ‘An Idea can change your life’. But very few people have converted their ideas into inventions. Inventing a product means going through a lot of brain exercises before having to create the masterpiece. How many times have we seen significant inventions making a huge impact in the lives of the people? After the product hits the market, the innovations of the existing product would chip in later with vast improvements.

Credits: Charu Monga Twitter Official


Charu Monga is a researcher with an immense interest in Design concepts. She aspires to investigate a variety of animation techniques to promote crafts, culture, tradition and empower educational areas. She is a proud faculty at Department of Design at the iconic Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. She recently took to her official Twitter handle to say that she will be sharing details of all designs that she and her team would produce, one of which was Jugnu.

What is Jugnu?

Jugnu is a low-cost solar bags made from plastic waste specially designed for kids who live in the non-electrified regions such as village and hilly areas. Charu Monga understands that school kids are finding it difficult to travel on hilly rock terrain on high altitude consuming a lot of time. The kids have no other way but to take dangerous roads with steep curves and narrow lanes.

Credits: Guardian News

So, she came up with a brilliant idea of ‘solar bag concept’ in a bid to make the lives of kids simpler. This is why we say there is always a front foot towards modern designing. According to Charu, Solar bags are a well crafted modular design where light can be detached and can be used elsewhere. Solar bags can play an integral role in these circumstances and the kids can reach home in time to study and do their homework.

“‘Jungu’ low-cost solar bag for kids living in the non-electrified parts of India. Kids in hilly terrain travel through high altitude areas and experience dangerous roads to get back home in time to complete their homework before sunset. This little one is all excited with ‘Jugnu’. It’s a well crafted modular design also light can be detached and can be used in other places,” Charu Monga tweeted.

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