This Amazing Officer chose IPS over 50 lakh job, Also educates underprivileged children

Raise your hand and say are you doing the kind of job that satisfies you? Are you turning up for the job at any time with complete interest? Are you returning home happily after completing a day’s work to spend quality time with your family? If you are doing all these, then you are doing a satisfying job.

Some people prefer money to anything else and that’s why they feel the job which they are doing is ‘stressful’. But there are always passionate people in every field and that’s why they are always successful. They say ‘working hard for something we don’t like is called ‘stress’, working hard for something we love is called ‘passion’.


IPS Santosh Mishra with underprivileged kids (Credits: Daily Hunt)

Santosh Kumar Mishra’s story will certainly be the driving force to countless ambitious people. Santosh Kumar’s career was shining bright with a salary of whopping 50 lakhs. This young man could have easily become rich but he was not satisfied with what he was doing. He wanted to coe back to India, He wanted to serve his mother land. So, he decided to quit his job to join the police force which he is interested in.

Santosh Kumar is a son of a retired army officer. Hailing from Bihar in Patna, he completed his schooling there before moving to Pune University to pursue mechanical engineering.

After successfully completing his degree in 2004, he got a huge offer in Europe, where he extended his services for four years. After that, he plied his trade in New York when his increased to Rs. 50 lakhs. This means he worked in the field for 7 years which he absolutely found nothing interesting in his work. Santosh had grown up watching his father serve the army with pride. He too felt like he wanted to do something for his nation just like his father remained prime in his career.

It was a bold move by Santosh to quit the well-paying job in New York and returned to India. He began his ideal preparations where he worked hard day regularly for a year to appear for the civil services exam. Without taking any coaching assistance, Santosh cracked the UPSC examinations 2012 in his first attempt and joined the Indian Police Services.

Speaking to Dainik Bhaskar, the IPS officer said, “I still remember the day, a Class 5 student walked up to me and complained how his friend had missed school for 15 consecutive days. I was moved by the concern of the young student for his friend and decided to investigate the issue. We traced the boy’s address, and I visited his home personally to speak to his family.

When we reached the location, I was informed that the boy had started working with his father at their sweet shop. Thereafter, I visited their shop and spoke to the father at length about the importance of sending his son back to school. Thankfully, he agreed.”

He got the posting at the Amroha district in Uttar Pradesh in October 2017 as the Superintendent of Police. Following that, he started teaching underprivileged kids at a primary school in free time. He also recalled the sweet memory on the first day, the young students demanded jalebi from their new teacher dressed in the police uniform.

The Youth salutes officers like IPS Santosh Mishra who not only protects the nation but also teaches the students in free time. The man with social intelligence is indeed an inspiration for the futuristic aspiring minds to bring a change in the society.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.