Fake Hunger Strike Of Kejriwal & His Ministers Exposed; Food Being Consumed In Washroom

Around 4 days back, Arvind Kejriwal and his 3 ministers decided to sit outside the LG house in order to protest which soon turned into a declaration of a hunger strike by Kejriwal’s ministers. They stated that they’re doing it for the common people and their basic needs but the irony died a slow death as this strike was being done in AC rooms with all comfort and luxury.

The alleged hunger strike is showing symptoms proving that food is being consumed by these ministers as they’re putting on around 400 grams per day and refuse to get any checkups done.

Kapil Mishra has appealed to install CCTV cameras at the LG house in order to expose this fake hunger strike and there are reports of Satyendra Jain of putting on around 1.5kgs of weight during the hunger strike. It is being said that the ministers visit the washroom frequently at different intervals and finish their daily meals in there.

The fact these ministers are gaining weight is because despite consuming a full-fledged meal, they stay indoors in the AC room and rest on the couch all day long, pretending to be on a hunger strike.

They are fooling the common man to think that they are on a hunger strike for a cause but the real story shows a different side altogether. The truth will come forward when CCTVs are installed or the ministers agree for a medical test.

We urge the citizens to be careful before blindly following the claims made by these ministers.

What do you have to say about this alleged hunger strike and the real story behind it? Share your opinions with us in the comment section!

(Disclaimer- The information given above has been collected from fairly reliable sources. However, The Youth doesn’t vo uch for the authenticity of the tweets, figures and data-infused therein.)

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