Indian spiderman goes on a ride with Girlfriend, traffic police slaps him 21,500 challan

Recently, a unique scene was seen on the streets of Delhi, which created a stir on social media. A young man wearing a Spider-Man costume rides on the streets of Delhi without a helmet and a number plate. Shortly after that, his girlfriend also joined him in the role of Spider-women. However, what happened next is worth seeing. The actions taken by the traffic police towards Spider-Man were quite remarkable.

The video of this unique scene is becoming quite viral on social media. In the video, a young man wearing Spider-Man’s costume along with his girlfriend who is wearing Spider Woman’s costume, were seen riding on the roads of Delhi on a bike. Both were seen roaming freely without helmets and a number plate on the bike. But Spider-Man could not save himself from the traffic police of Delhi.

The traffic police caught both Spider-Man and his girlfriend Spider-Woman. A challan of 21500 was issued for the crime of riding a bike without a helmet and without a number plate. Road safety and following the rules are extremely important in any condition because Spider-Man did not follow the rules, and it cost him dearly.

In the viral video, initially, a young man is riding a bike on the road in Spider-Man’s costume, then stopping the bike in the middle of the road and making a video, and after a few seconds, his girlfriend also joins him in Spider-Girl’s costume, who is probably seen coming out of a mall or shopping complex.

Both the bike riders are getting their video made in the costumes of Hollywood film characters and then are also seen swinging with their hands in the air while dangerously doing stunts. During this, while they violated the traffic rules, they did not care about their lives while doing stunts like this. Both of them did all this only to go viral on social media through these reels.

Every day many people are seen making such stunt videos without any fear. Now call it the addiction of making reels or madness, at present its addiction or madness is on the rise among the youth. The viral video has received thousands of views and likes so far, while many users have demanded action against them from Delhi Police.

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